When it comes to moving, there is a lot to consider. Besides the financial aspect of the move, you have to ensure you are doing everything safely and securely. This includes taking care of your belongings, hiring professional removalists in Perth, and ensuring your new home is clean and safe for you to move in, amongst other things.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become somewhat easier for us to follow standard safety protocols. It has also taught us how to avoid contact with many people and limit gatherings on our premises to avoid the risk of spreading diseases. By adhering to these protocols, we not only protect ourselves but also contribute to the collective safety.

This is why it is imperative to follow precautionary measures to protect yourself from any unnecessary delays that a spread of disease can cause and take care of your belongings to avoid any unexpected rise in costs.

Here are ten tips to guide you in having a safe and hassle-free moving experience.

  1. Check with your movers.

When it comes to hiring removalists in Perth, it is important to have an open discussion with them about a few essential things. This includes asking them for quotes, the services they offer, their schedule and their readiness or preparedness that they offer. This means they are prepared to tackle your move safely without any negligence. It can include various things, such as following social distancing norms, avoiding unnecessary staff being on the premises, ensuring all safety protocols are followed when coming into contact with your belongings and being cautious during the transportation process.

Remember, when hiring removalists, look for those who prioritise safety. Check if they wear gloves and disinfect their equipment. These small precautions can make a big difference in keeping you and your belongings safe during your move.

2. Limit the number of movers.

As mentioned before, there shouldn’t be too many unnecessary movers involved in the process. Be mindful of limiting the number of movers present on a moving day to avoid any unexpected delays or hassle.

When hiring a removal company, check if they have a feature where you can customise the move. Many Local removalists in Perth offer services following guidelines of minimum people gathering in one place at a time. When booking the service, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all guidelines are followed and all the arrangements made by the moving company comply with the safety standards.

3. Check their flexibility.

Moving involves various steps, which sometimes can delay the whole process. Perhaps the new home isn’t ready for you to move into yet, or you haven’t set up the utilities and services in the new place yet, so you have to schedule the removal for another day. In such situations, it is important to have a removalist who doesn’t fear last-minute delays.

The removalists you pick should be flexible enough to consider any unexpected circumstances and be ready to agree to postpone the process on your demand.

4. Keep kids and pets safe.

Here is another thing that often gets overlooked when planning a move, actually, two things: kids and pets. Too many cooks in the kitchen don’t always mean a good thing, especially if these figurative cooks are accident-prone. If you have kids and pets around, the safest thing you can do for them and yourself is to keep them occupied and away from the moving. Of course, if you have family or friends available, you could have them look after your little ones for the day while you deal with the movers. This would keep them out of your hair so you can focus on the task at hand and also keep them out of harm’s way.

5. Implement safe lifting protocols.

Lifting heavy items and equipment can cause a major strain on your back and knees if you aren’t careful enough. And, of course, besides the obvious danger of injury, getting injured while packing can make it challenging to complete the relocation, leading to delays and added costs. So, it’s safe to say that you cannot afford to get injured!

If there is something heavy that needs to be lifted, either get the help of professional removalists or follow safe lifting techniques like keeping your spine straight, having a firm grip at all times, holding heavy objects tightly towards your chest to avoid losing balance and moving your feet in small steps.

If you’re unsure whether you need help to move something, here are a few signs that can determine whether you can get the job done by yourself or need professionals to do it for you:

If you feel one or more of the above, it’s time to call a professional to do the heavy lifting.

6. Avoid packing in high temperatures.

Summer is typically a popular time for people to schedule their moves. Maybe it’s because the kids usually have their summer vacations, and it’s generally a less hectic time for parents, too. But regardless, physical activity like packing in times when the temperature is at an all time high can lead to problems such as heat illness and heat stroke. If you must schedule a move during the summer then a way to avoid the heat is to either move during the early hours of the day or after the sun goes down. If the heatwave decides to hit and you’re stuck doing physical activity with no air conditioning, you may need to pause the moving process and postpone it until the weather cools down again.

7. Wear the right shoes and clothes.

Building on our last tip, having the right outfit for a day of physical activity is very important. Just like you’d don your tennis attire when playing some tennis, you must also be mindful of wearing appropriate clothes to match the weather. If it’s hot, wearing breathable and light-coloured items is important. If the temperature is cool, wear layers to protect yourself from the cold and stay warm.

Besides wearing weather-appropriate clothes, ensure that none of your clothing is the type that could snag on furniture while you’re lifting and moving. Any loose material or strings could easily get caught in things and lead to injuries.

Keeping that in mind, shoes that you wear should also have good treads. Avoid shoes with laces if they come undone, leading to a tripping hazard. You should also avoid wearing open-toed in case you drop something on your foot and heels since you must be on your feet all day.

8. Get the right equipment.

You can be an expert at moving stuff, but there will still be things you can’t carry alone. You need the right equipment to help you with these tasks, especially if you tackle the moving yourself.

A dolly is a super helpful tool when moving. You can purchase or rent it to avoid any strain on your body and prevent any risk of injuries or accidents.

Using the right equipment is not just safe for you but also for your furniture and other belongings.

If not a dolly, then you can also opt for furniture sliders, which are essentially pieces of plastic or rubber used for sliding furniture rather than carrying it. This can help you save time and take the load off your shoulders, quite literally!

9. Prepare exit routes.

Another overlooked fact is the exit route. How are you going to take all the big and heavy stuff out? It is important to ensure that all hallways, paths, stairs, and outside areas are clear of any hurdles. This small consideration can be a big hazard on moving day and compromise safety.

So, before you start moving and even set up the boxes, you should take the time to inspect what route you can take to haul everything out. Ensure there isn’t anything on your path that could become an obstacle or a potential safety concern. Remember to keep boxes out of your way, along with other packing supplies.

Be wary of outdoor obstructions, too, not just indoors. This can be harder, considering things can appear or disappear by the day. But before you start the removal process, ensure your path is clear of mud, water, ice or anything else.

10. Use professional removalists.

    It goes without saying that if there is anything that you aren’t completely sure about, get a professional to do it. A professional removalist is trained to handle the removal process while being safe and cautious. When thinking about hiring professionals, one question we hear a lot is, how much do removalists cost in Perth? However, while you can easily get affordable and customised services as per your budget and needs, the question is: how much would it cost if I didn’t use a removal service? And let me tell you, it would be more than a cheap removalist would cost. Having to tackle various tasks that a removal requires can be challenging, to say the least. It can also lead to increased costs if you aren’t professionally trained. For example, the damage to your items can increase the costs, and so can injuries and accidents, having to pay unnecessary fees from service providers and more.

    Thus, overall, hiring a professional service will actually save you from breaking the bank and, of course, also ensure a successful and safe moving experience!

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